Creating my heroes

Stories of heroes and myths have been at the heart of humanity from the beginning of recorded history. The heroes we choose, through the features that characterize them (courage, kindness, honor, justice, tenacity, bravery, etc.) define, to a great extent, our own ideals. Drawing inspiration from fairytales, poetry and prose, we will attempt to find, create and convey, through sculpture, our own fantastic Heroes.


Which hero is hiding behind the words?

What would happen if I added a hero into a story that didn’t have one?

Given that this March marks two hundred years from the beginning of the 1821 Greek Revolution, this month’s workshop will pay tribute to the demotic song tradition and the way it encapsulates moments from the everyday lives of the people who lived in the 19th century. Our inspiration to create a new sculptural composition will be provided by the common, everyday people – men and women alike –, as well as images, events and dis-tinguishing traits of that era, as these emerge from the lyrics of anonymous folk poets.

Based on these models and using different media each time, we will attempt to convey our own heroic figures and forms in sculpture. We will follow techniques such as carving into malleable solid materials, collage and assemblage, etc., and, through this creative process, we will express our personal viewpoint on how we interpret and imagine the words taking form and the forms taking shape to create a new, three-dimensional narra-tive, a sculptural construction.

Design-Implementation: Vasilis Gerodimos, Visual Artist
Creative Support: Artemis Manou, Theater Pedagogist – Philologist

For children aged 7-10
Up to 20 participants
Free participation by online pre-registration

Participants will receive a list of recommended materials in advance of the workshop. 

The themed events programming Faces of the Hero is realized thanks to the exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).